Indian Pet Shop Helps You To Keep Your Pooch Safe During This Christmas

With Christmas round the corner there is a festive fever that has engulfed everyone and this fever has not spared our adorable pets as well. Our pets feel the excitement with so many people in the house and every one pampering and, feeding it Christmas delights.

Take Care Of  Your Dog This Christmas

In this mist of festive happiness and excitement, one must not forget to take very crucial preventive measures to keep the dog away from Christmas tree and Christmas decorations. Dogs out of curiosity will explore the Christmas tree and accompanied decoration. This may potentially turn out to be hazardous for the dog, so let us see the basic guidelines suggested by Indian pet shop for dog proofing the Christmas tree and keeping your pet safe during this Christmas season.

The temperament of the dog plays a very crucial role in determining how mischievous he can be in exploring the Christmas tree and decoration. Even if your dog is the most well behaved dog in the world, still he may be deeply tempted by the Christmas tree and its decorations, so here is what you may do.

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Online Indian Pet Store Makes This Season Special For Your Pet

Winter Treat Your Dog SpecialIn this chill season of winter when everyone is in the festive mood of joy and celebration, it is time to include your pet in this season of joy and celebration by not ignoring to make it comfortable and cozy during this time. Our adorable pets are no less than a part of the family and they too feel the spirit of festive celebrations and joy.

For most pet owners this is a challenging time to keep the pet safe and comfortable in this chill Christmas season. There are many questions that arise regarding how to groom the pet in winter, the right diet for pet during winter, travelling safely with pet in winter etc.

Taking care of pet is very simple irrespective of the season if you are well aware of the appropriate tips. So here are some answers and suggestions to common yet essential queries and a few more.

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Why Pet Care Is Not Only About Buying Products From Online Pet Store

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Owning a dog is no less than a blessing; these loyal, faithful, intelligent and extremely loving beings add so much delight and love in our life. When you return home from work, you see that your canine friend is eagerly waiting for you wagging its tail in delight. The playtime you share with your pet, the pleasurable morning and evening walk, the happiness and liking derived from these moments are just immeasurable.

Usually pet owners buy all types of dog care products from an online pet store India but apart from providing these comfort and pampering the pet, there are many other things that most often pet owners overlook or rather unknowingly do.

Here we will focus on those aspects, which pet owners must not do.

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Do Not Ignore Giving Basic Comfort Your Pooch

Love You Dog More Give It Basic ComfortOwning a pet is a matter of joy in fact delight for most pet lovers. From the traditional belief that just a food bowl and a leash are essential for keeping a pet safe and happy, there are many contemporary facts which prove that dogs need much more than these basic dog accessories.

Needless to mention but still emphasizing on the fact that “dogs are the most faithful living beings existing on this planet”. More than their faithfulness , these innocent beings also provide health benefits to humans. So then how far are you obliged to them for their unconditional loyalty and health benefits that they are providing you?

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Must Read Dog Care Tips For Winter

Love You Dog More This SeasonAs we welcome the winter season there are various preparations that we make for being more cozy and comfortable. It’s time to cuddle up and be warm and comfortable. So in this season not forgetting our beloved pets, it is the duty of every responsible pet owner to take care of the pet considering the season.

It is a common myth that dogs do not need any human winter care but one must remember that dogs are social by nature so they are happiest when they are close to the owner and kept with warmth, love and comfort. When dogs stay so close to humans they are adapted to human love and comfort, so ensure that you give the right love and care for your dog, don’t assume that since it is an animal so it will not require any human comfort, after all it’s not a street dog.

Here are some dog care tips for the arrival of the season of shedding leaves and early Sun set that every responsible pet lover must read and follow.

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Dog Toys Must Accompany Your Dog …. Always

Dog With A ToyFor many pet lovers dog toys are just an accessory that the dog plays with, for others, dog toys are merely an entertainment for the pet. Pet owners enjoy watching the pet play with the toy, but how many of you know the scientific benefit of gifting a dog some toys?

As per a study conducted by the University of British Columbia, it was revealed that a grown up dog’s intelligence is similar to that 2 ½ year old human child and they have three types of intelligence 1. Instinct 2. Adaptive 3. Working and obedience (similar to human education and learning, achieved through training)

Dogs learn through new commands and develop the habit to adapt itself as per the training and environment given to them. Dog toys play a very crucial role in developing and dog’s ability to understand and obey to human commands. So for those who thought that these toys are just another accessory needed by the pooch, here are some benefits of dog toys that will change you’re thinking forever.

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Dog Crate – Answer To Every Possible Query

Dog Crate Training Dog crate training emphasizes on the traditional belief that dogs are den dwelling animals, confining brings a sense of secure feeling to the dog so treating their crate as their den, a dog will always go out to eliminate. Therefore, the crate must be introduced as a den substitute and not forcefully to increase the dog’s trust and secure feeling towards the crate.

Crate training raises many questions in the mind of the pet owner, these queries are related to benefit from crate training the pooch, the right way of doing so and what all must go inside the crate. Well for all such pet owners, here is descriptive information that will answer almost all their queries, read on and explore the answers for the right inputs of the dog crate training.

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Dog Health Care And Dog Food During Vomiting, Sickness, Diarrhea And Dehydration

Dog Care During Sickness Vomiting and Diarrhea When your dog falls sick, the most unfortunate part of it is he cannot tell you what he is going through. He will not have any inclination towards eating and just how humans feel, he will too feel lazy, feeble and energy less. A pet lover feeds the best dog food to his pooch but in spite of this, there cannot be anything more disappointing when his pet falls sick.

It is however natural for dogs to fall sick sometimes and some of the common ailments may include vomiting, diarrhea, and upset tummy; there are effective ways by which these medical situations can be healed. Here are some suggestions with relation to dog health as to what to feed a sick dog and how to feed it. Apart from following these suggestions, it is recommended that if the dog is suffering from upset tummy for more than a day with no sign of improvement then it must be rushed to a qualified vet.

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Dog Food- The Nutrition Chart For Your Canine Friend

Nutritional Aspect of Dog FeedingTo own a healthy and strong dog is a matter of pride for almost every pet owner. Pets become a part of our family and serve us with unconditional love and loyalty. More than this latest studies and research reveals that there are in numerous health benefits of owning a pet so isn’t it our responsibility to take care of them?

So, considering the various aspects of pet care, from where must you start? Food of course. Feeding the right dog food will make the pet strong and healthy enough to add a smile on your face. So let’s begin the journey of knowing the basics of feeding the right dog food to your loyal friend.

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Pet Rolling On The Floor, Rubbing Its Eyes, What Is It Trying To Tell You?

 Dog Rolling Needs Comfort With Grooming Products
Isn’t it fun when you see your dog rolling in the ground, over the carpet, rubbing its eyes with its cute paw? It’s adorable furry body, the un-blink stare in its eyes, the innocent look, it’s over all gesture, is it just expressing its love, joy or is it trying to tell you something?

Rolling or rubbing eyes may be an everyday activity for your dog with two basic intentions behind it; one may be just for fun, muscle stretching, relaxing; the second intention relates to dog grooming.

Well as far as the second intention is considered how far are you helping your pooch in it? Yes if you have guessed it right, I am talking about your involvement in your pooch’s grooming session which indeed is elaborate but with few tips and planning beforehand, it will end up being a fun session for both you and your furry friend.

Your pooch will like you to take care of these aspects while you groom it, care to read about these

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