A Quick Insight Into Monsoon Care Tips For Dogs!

Dog Dry Bath (Wash Without Water) 200MLMonsoon brings a relief from scorching summer both for the pet and its master but it also calls for special pet care which must not be ignored at any cost. Just providing good diet, making the pet wear raincoat and pampering it is not enough. A pet lover must be aware of the need of the pet as per the season.

Most people handle the responsibility of the pet to canine care takers but they forget that the care taker will just do his job without being emotionally attached to the pet. Therefore the pet owner must know and take the responsibility of the pet in this regard.

Here are some tips that will help a pet lover understand the basic pet care during this beautiful wet season

What you must do for the pet

  • Regular grooming is very crucial in maintaining the health of the pooch. It includes     brushing, ear cleaning, nail clipping and dental care. These practices will keep dirt, fleas and ticks away from the pooch’s hair.
  • Watch for ticks and fleas in the dog’s fur and get a de-tick product from a well-known   store, use it accordingly.
  • Fur and paws must be clean and dry in order to keep the possibility of fungal infection  and other problems.
  • De-worming and vaccination must be done by a very reputed vet before monsoon begins.
  • When the pet comes back from walk, make sure to wipe it and then use a hair dryer to  dry its fur. Do not keep the hair dryer too close to the pet.
  • Make sure that the pet wears a raincoat and a dog shoe to be protected from the rain
  • Dry bathing is ideal in monsoon season
  • The pooch must always wear a muzzle while going out for walk

What you must not do for the pet

  • Washing the pet too frequent will make it prone to cold and fever. Never give it bath   more than once a month.
  • Never use any kind of new product or medication without consulting the vet
  • Do not allow you pooch to keep smelling anything from the road, during monsoon there  are increased chances of germs and infection that will cause considerable harm to the  pooch.
  • Do not use any human product on the pooch, be it antiseptic or cleaning product.

Ensure that you are following these pet care tips for your pooch. Get best pet care   products from leading pet store as there must not be any compromise in this regard.

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