Are You Aware Of Your Pooch’s Dental Care Needs?

Plaque Spray - 4ozDogs are too prone to dental issues just like humans though it may not be very frequent. It is widely believed and also accepted by vets that a dog’s mouth is always cleaner than humans but still dogs do develop tarter and when not taken care at the right time, it will lead to serious consequences.

Tarter will convert into plague and this may lead to tooth decay and then gradually tooth fall. Not only this, tarter formation leads to other serious health problem; for instance failure of kidney and liver.

Therefore, it is very vital that every pet owner must take care of the dental need of the dog apart from just bothering about bathing and grooming. Read on more and find out that are you providing appropriate dental care to your pooch.

  • Start at the puppy stage

Dog dental care must start at puppy stage, although it’s too early but starting too early will make things easy for the pet as well as for the owner.

  • No human toothpaste

Using human toothpaste for the pet is like making it brush with poison. Human toothpaste contains fluoride which acts like a slow poison and affects the dog’s intestine. It is very essential that one must always use toothpaste that is meant for pets. Such toothpaste is available at good pet stores.

  • Dry food and chew food

It is essential to give the dog chew food at least every alternate day or as the vet recommends. Chew food is ideal to keep the dog’s teeth free from tarter formation and is very beneficial. Care must however be taken that chew food must not be substituted as regular food as it cannot fulfill nutrition requirement of the dog.

  • Professional care

Ideally when the dog’s teeth are brushed for the first time, there may be some problems in doing so, therefore in the first case it is better to take a professional help. Hire a dog trainer to brush its teeth and see how he does the task. Follow the same instructions to do dental care for the pooch.

These were some basic dental care tips for the dog. Benefits of dental care are not just limited to teeth but provide over all benefit to the pooch.

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