Consider Your Pooch’s Tooth Care While Selecting Toys

Flying Disc Plastic ToyDog toys are a great mode of exercise for the pooch both mentally as well as physically. Toys also get the credit of taking an active part in dental care like working as an abrasive and cleaning the teeth’s surface.

So to do justice to this versatile quality of dog toys, their selection must be done considering pooch’s dental structure and attribute of the toy.

Different types of dog toys

  • Rope dog toy

Rope toys are best suitable for tugging safely. Made of multiple thin yet durable fibers, a rope toy allows the dog to penetrate its teeth deep into it while biting or chewing. This allows strengthening of gums and also cleans tarter formation on teethes.
Rope toy is easy to clean and ensures proper hygiene maintenance.

  • Fabric/plush dog toys

The stuffing and material of plush dog toys are not strong enough to tolerate aggressive biting and chewing, hence not suitable for a pooch with wild attributes. If these toys are bitten aggressively then it will break and can accidently be swallowed. Pets with soft and sweet attitude will do justice to such toys.

  • Vinyl/rubber/latex dog toys

In case you are looking for a more durable dog toy, then vinyl, latex or rubber would be a more suitable option. These materials are bite and damage resistance to a much extent; some of them may be even puncture proof so the toy breaking into pieces and chances accidentally being swallowed by the pooch reduces greatly.

  • Unique pooch toys

Such toys are made of rubber or nylon and usually come with raised bumps all over the toy’s surface. This improves the functionality of the toy and thus gives added benefits.

  • Nylon bone toy

Nylon toys are hard in structure and thus are safe as well. These toys do not break and are thus safe to be given to any dog breed for playing. These toys helps in cleaning teethes effectively and thus are most recommended.

These facts will help you buy the right dog toy for your darling pooch. While buying a dog toy, ensure that the toy is safe and does not cause any harm to the pet.

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