Convenient Ways To Keep Your Cat Litter Tray Clean & Tidy

Cat Litter Tray Small- 14.5"x10"x2.5"Cleaning cat litter tray is not a splendid task and causes much strain for pet lovers too. Cats too prefer clean and tidy litter tray and if it’s not clean then they decide to soil the carpet or floor. Maintaining the cat litter tray is not much difficult task as long as one knows how to do it.

Keeping the litter tray clean is essential to maintain the health of the cat and therefore there must not be any compromise in this. Read on to find out some interesting may be not known before tips regarding keeping the litter tray clean and tidy.

The cleaning process of cat litter tray

  • At least once or twice a day it is essential to clean up the litter tray. You just need to scoop out the feces with the help of a Translucent Litter Scoop and throw it in a disposable bag . Never flush it as it will block the toilet in due course of time.
  • Cat’s urine also forms clumps and therefore this must be removed as well. Again this too must not be dumped in the toilet and it must be too dumped in the bag.
  • Periodically the litter must be changed in the box so that it does not stink. Cats too prefer a clean and neat place to relieve themselves and therefore this aspect must not be ignored. While cleaning the litter box, it is essential that you do not smell the litter dust, as this is poisonous.
  • So cleaning the litter is easy now comes the cleaning part. It is natural for the litter tray to emit smell therefore one must clean the litter tray periodically, at least after three weeks.
  • Dump the entire litter in a bag and clean the tray with soap and hot water. Let it dry sometime in the Sun and then fill it with fresh litter.
  • To get rid of the litter tray smell you can add some Cat Litter Deodorizing Crystals and mix it in the fresh litter. This will absorb the smell of the cat feces. So thus you see, its not much difficult to keep the litter tray clean and tidy, isn’t it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cat litter contains toxoplasmosis which is a virus and can much be harmful especially for a pregnant woman. When pregnant one must not clean cat feces.


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