Dog toys and dog breeds, both must to compatible to each other

Dog ToysIt is strange that some people tame pet animals but they do not understand that playing with pet animals is very essential for its physical as well as mental development. Playing with puppy not only creates a special bond between the master and the pet but it also enables the master to know the strength and weakness of his pet.

When people play with their pets, the pet grows up to see and realize that being with humans is a source of pleasure and joy. Not only this, such games help build a trust between both of them.

How often is playing important?

Playing is actually a reward of good behavior and in a day, three to four short sessions are more than enough. These not only make the dog feel good but it has also been proved that playing with dog makes one feel relaxed and reduces hypertension.

So what dog toys to select?

Activity dog toys
This type of dog toys helps the dog to stay focused and be engaged within itself while playing. Most of these toys have space to hold on treats and the dog tries to understand how to get the treat while playing. Such types of dog toys are self-amused and help build a positive association when the dog is alone.

Interactive dog toys
This type of dog toy involves the pet owner as well as the pet to play with each other. Both can play and while playing the dog can be trained as well to response to the call and command of the master.

Chew toys
Chew toys helps the dog divert in excess energy in chewing and spare other valuable things like shoes, carpet etc. Chewing is natural in dogs and therefore it is better to provide them with chew toys so that pets can play and be entertained.

There are other types of toys like squeaker toy which can also be given to the pet to play with.

Dog breed and dog toys

Gun dog, herding dogs and hounds
Hunting and chasing is natural in these dog breed, they will love to play with games which can be thrown and then they will chase to catch them, example of such games are Frisbees, slings and balls.

Terriers prefer kill games, they love to play with toys that can be thrown, grabbed, shaken and even squeezed. Squeaky toys are favorite among these dog breeds.

Hunting and guarding dogs
These dogs will prefer tug-o-war games, any kind of game, which can be held by the pet at one end and by the master at another end, will suit this dog breed the most. Pull toys and rope knots are the best for this dog breed.

So have you decided which dog toy to get for your doggy?

Dog Toys

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