Don’t Miss Out Tick Control On Your Furry Baby

MP Tickoff Tick & Flea Herbal Shampoo 200mlTicks are nothing but tiny vampires, they are found almost everywhere in the surrounding and conveniently get attached to cats, dogs and other mammals for their survival. Their silent torture is not just limited to sucking blood from the host but extends to causing anemia, toxicosis, viral and bacterial diseases.

These health threats must not be ignored as it will cause irreversible damage to the immune, nervous and lymphatic system. Here is a simple guide that will help you know these parasite organisms better and hence guide you to protect your best companion.

Symptoms and risk factor
The presence of ticks over a pet’s body is felt by a hard shield like small bump. This is felt when you touch its skin during petting. This initial symptom must not be ignored at any cost else it will lead to lameness in one or both the legs. Joints are swollen and will require proper anti-biotic treatment for this.

If not treated then tick infection will lead to kidney dysfunction, accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, no appetite, increased thirst and urination. Lower abdomen and tissue will have fluid buildup. There are various other complications associated as the pet is sure to be infected by lyme disease.

Immediate action
Once a tick is noticed it is highly recommended to give the pet a bath. Buy online pets tick remover from a leading pet store so that there is no compromise in the quality of pet care in this regard. It will not only drive away tick but will secure the dog against the presence of any flea as well. Most recommended tick control remedy by vets is FurFree Anti-Tick Wash For Dogs.

It is advisable to regularly groom the pet so that one can feel the presence of any bump over its skin. If any such thing is felt then it is better to take the pet to the vet for a possible blood test. This will make it clean in case the pet has developed any illness related to tick infection.

Be careful

• Ticks are present almost everywhere especially in wooden and grassy areas. They get attracted to pets very easily and then thrive on the warm mammal.
• Avoid taking pets to these areas. It is essential to make the pet wear flea and tick collar when it’s taken out of walk.
• Regular grooming keeps a check on the presence of any tick or flea.
• Tick stay on the tip of a grass and therefore pets must avoid going to such places

Always buy a good quality shampoo so that there is no compromise with the pet care in this regard.

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