Please Get Some Dog Toys and Dog Treats for Your Pooch because he Needs it

Dog ToysAre you one of those who think that dog toys and dog treats are an optional thing? Then you are tremendously wrong. It has been proved by research that intelligence and thinking power of dogs match with that of humans extensively. Have you ever thought how dogs are able to detect bombs and help cops find criminals? This is because they are blessed with an IQ and intelligence so never thinks that a dog is meant just for sleeping and eating.

Dr. Stanley Coren who is associated with the University of British Columbia, has found out that the intelligence of a dog is very similar to a 2 ½   year old human child. Therefore, treat your pooch like a child and help him explore his intelligence and various other skills through different types of dog toys. Afterwards do not forget to reward him with tasty dog treats.

You must buy your pooch different types of dog toys; to start with buy him some interactive toys. This will help your dog be engaged in exploring his skills and intelligence. Some interactive toys will allow you to play with your pooch and this will really be fun. Rope toys are other types of dog toys, which will strengthen your pooch’s teeth, and such toys also strengthens the relation between a pet and its owner; there must be one rope toy for sure in his (pooch) collection of toys ( yes he must have a collection of toys, does a child even remains satisfied with a single toy?).

After you and your pet finishes playing with the toys you must reward it with some dog treats. This will encourage it to play more and it will look towards such playing sessions. Treat your dog in the same manner how a child is being treated. Giving it various types of toys followed by tasty and healthy dog treats, this will enable it to have a positive mental and physical growth. Your pooch will no longer be bored or chew your precious belongings after such interesting sessions are being included in its daily routine.

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