Include A Raincoat In Your Dog’s Closet This Season

Dog Rain Coat 16 InchDog fashion is not so common in India; there are various products available for dogs which at times may seem unnecessary to a pet owner. A dog raincoat is one such product which to some may seem funny. One may wonder that why will a dog need raincoat as after all they are born wild!

So let’s look at some reasons which will convince a dog owner to understand the need to buy a raincoat and make your dog happy.

  • To keep the dog dry and warm

The foremost reason of buying a raincoat is to keep the dog dry and warm. It does not matter in which geographical region the dog lives, it needs to stay dry during monsoon.

Dogs with thick fur will require more time to dry while dogs with thin fur will surely feel cold and uncomfortable in this cold and damp weather.

  • Prevents dog from hypothermia

Some dogs have less body fat and as a result, they shiver very badly when exposed to cold and damp weather. There are huge chances that they may develop hypothermia which is quite fatal and life threatening. Even if not so serious, the pet may also catch cold and sniffles in this damp cold weather.

  • Prevents infection in pets

If the dog has any cuts, wound or has undergone operation then a rain coat will protect the affected area from developing infection.

Even if the dog is infected by fleas and ticks then too it is essential to be covered by a raincoat. This is because with the presence of flea and ticks there are possibilities that the pet will have small cuts and wounds.

  • Raincoats adds a style statement to the dog’s look

Raincoats for pets come in various designs and colors making the pooch look adorable and stylish. Thus when your furry companion walks in style, it surely grabs attention.

As a responsible pet owner, one must not deprive a dog from wearing a raincoat in monsoon. Try to convince the dog with treats to wear the raincoat and stay protected.

There are wide varieties of raincoats available at pet shops stores and one of these will surely fit your pooch. Consider buying raincoat as a part of essential dog care tips in monsoon.

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