Indian Pet Shop Helps You To Keep Your Pooch Safe During This Christmas

With Christmas round the corner there is a festive fever that has engulfed everyone and this fever has not spared our adorable pets as well. Our pets feel the excitement with so many people in the house and every one pampering and, feeding it Christmas delights.

Take Care Of  Your Dog This Christmas

In this mist of festive happiness and excitement, one must not forget to take very crucial preventive measures to keep the dog away from Christmas tree and Christmas decorations. Dogs out of curiosity will explore the Christmas tree and accompanied decoration. This may potentially turn out to be hazardous for the dog, so let us see the basic guidelines suggested by Indian pet shop for dog proofing the Christmas tree and keeping your pet safe during this Christmas season.

The temperament of the dog plays a very crucial role in determining how mischievous he can be in exploring the Christmas tree and decoration. Even if your dog is the most well behaved dog in the world, still he may be deeply tempted by the Christmas tree and its decorations, so here is what you may do.

Secure the Christmas tree from falling

First, tightly secure the Christmas tree from falling by anchoring it well. The pet will surely try to explore the Christmas decoration if the tree falls then it may hurt your pet badly. More over fertilizers and water are sprayed all over the tree to keep it fresh, in case the dog licks this water then it will cause stomach upset, death is a potential threat.

The stagnant tree water is also a potential breeding ground for bacterial and may have traces of pesticides. In case, the pet licks this water then there is huge possibility that it will have diarrhea. It is better to cover the base of the tree with a wrapping paper so that the dog does not get chance to lick the water.

Pine needles and Christmas decorative

These are potentially dangerous for the pooch and if it will accidently takes in some then it will surely be subjected to severe gastrointestinal problem, so it is better to sweep the tree’s base every day.

Decorate the Christmas tree with non-breakable toys so that the dog is unable to chew it. Usually dogs think that these decorations are nothing but dog toys and hence they are eager to play with it. They will bite the decorative and try to chew it thus increasing the potential risk of swallowing it, which will consequently get stuck in the dog’s gastrointestinal track.

Prevent the dog from exploring new things

The dog will be surely eager to explore new things like gifts and decorative present all over the house. You must begin training the dog not to claim those things as its own by using positive reinforcement. Use dog food and treats for training the dog available at Indian pet shop. When the pooch is about to go near these decoration stop it by using a command like “no” or “stop” to prevent the dog from approaching the tree and after it stops you must reward it with a nice treat. Ideally, such training must be done all through the year but if you did not start it early then it is never too late.

Prevent The Dog From Getting Excited Seeing The Christmas Tree

Some pet owners try to show the dog all Christmas decorations and this excites the dog to explore them more. The dog will be more curious and when you have decorated the tree, it will surely attempt to play with the decorations. Therefore, this is what you must do

• Do not decorate the Christmas tree in the presence of the dog. Take the dog in another room and when the decoration is over then bring her/him back, this will minimize its attraction towards the tree.
• Use maximum decorative at the top of the tree and minimum at the lower part of the tree.
• During Christmas time, play with the dog at any part of the house but not in the room where the Christmas tree is placed.
• Crate the dog in case it is too curious to go near the tree until it is trained not to touch the tree. You must know the basics of crate training the dog and always reward the dog with its delight treat during the course of crate training.

Know more about crate training the dog to avoid any negative reinforcement

Prevent the dog from chewing cord

Keep a watch on the dog so that it does not chew batteries or electric cords. To prevent the dog from such accidents spray dog deterrent spray over the cord and train it simultaneously to stay away from these.

Do not keep eatables gift-wraps under the tree

The smelling power of dog is much strong than humans so never keep any eatables under the tree. Although it may be gift wrapped, still the dog will come to know and will surely un-wrap it before you do.

Fence the yard decorations

Christmas decoration is not limited to just the Christmas tree, people also decorate their garden, and with surrounding decoration, one must fence them appropriately. Even if you are fencing, it is better to use plastic covered lights and not glass ones.

How To Distract The Pooch Using Dog Toys And Dog Treats?

Dogs are curious by nature and to prevent them from being inquisitive about the Christmas decoration, it is better and easy for you to gift them some dog toys during this Christmas.Dog Toys

Fetch toys- Dogs love to chase things especially toys, so when you are dear pooch is excited to seeing the Christmas tree it is better to distract it by playing with it with a ball. Let it be hooked to the new toy and slowly it will lose interest in exploring the tree and accompanied decorations.

Rope toys- Usually dogs are very energetic and to utilize their stored energy they explore different ways. Now a new thing in your house, the Christmas tree will surely tempt him a lot to play with it. Therefore, the best thing to do to utilize his energy in the right manner is to play with it using a rope toy. Rope toy will help in channelizing the dog’s energy in the right manner and since it will get tired and will thus spare exploring the Christmas tree.

Dog’s toys play a very essential role in utilizing the dog’s energy and they must be well maintained to keep them hygiene condition. Know more about how to clean dog toys and how essential dog toys are in your pet’s life.

There is an array of dog toys available at Indian pet shop that will entertain the dog and it will be distracted enough to stay away from the Christmas tree.

DO NOT keep dog bed in the room where Christmas tree is kept

Play hide and seek with the dog

Throw some dog treat and command your dog to find them. The dog will be eager to find the treats and enjoy it of course. This will not only distract the dog but it will also act as a positive reinforcement to keep it away from the Christmas tree.

Do Not Feed The Dog Christmas Treat

Dogs are always excited with the aroma of food everywhere especially during any festive time. Do not flatter the dog with delicious Christmas treat, as there are certain foods, which will be potentially dangerous for the dog. Certain popular toppings are very dangerous for the pet. So let us look at some of the foods that are very hazardous for the dog.

Avocado contains persin, which may cause vomiting, and diarrhea in dogs. This will make the dog sick, there are various foods especially cakes which has this fruit as topping.

Most cakes may have apple slices in it, apples can be given to the pooch but make sure that the pet does not eat the steam and seeds by mistake. These parts of the fruit have cyanogenic glycosides which can be fatal to the dog and can cause respiratory failure.

Raisins and grapes
In severe case, even small quantity of grapes and raisins can make the dog very sick causing kidney failure.

Citrus fruits
Winter is the time of citrus fruit, every part of this fruits the stem, leaves or seeds has limonin, citric acid and oils that cause stomach irritation when consumed in less quantity and can cause central nervous system depression when consumed in large amount.

Lastly Do Dot Forget To Include Your Dog In The Christmas Celebration

Your dog is a part of your family, so amidst this festive celebration do not forget to ignore your pooch’s involvement in celebration and merry making. Be firm on the dog stopping it to do certain things that is hazardous for it but at the same time award it with nice treat and toys when it obeys you.

Play with the dog to distract it from exploring the Christmas tree and at the end of the playing session the dog deserves to be awarded with meaty treats. Be calm and patient in handling the dog, include it in every celebration of the festive gathering, for one day the dog can skip its regular strict diet, it can relish on meat and enjoy the celebration.

Merry Christmas!

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