Just buying a dog shampoo is not enough, what else is required? Find out

Bio Groom Natural Scents Country Freesia Shampoo- 355 mlBathing a dog is actually a challenging task as by the time bathing is complete, the pet lover is completely drenched than the doggy. Just buying a dog shampoo is not sufficient; unless one bathes the dog properly, there is no use of buying an expensive grooming product.

Dog grooming is not difficult, in fact, it is fun filled as long as you know the right way to groom it. It is actually tricky but with the passage of time, it becomes easy and both the pet as well as the pet owner is accustomed to the cleaning process. Therefore, here are a few simple tips that will make the dog’s bathing process easy and the pet does not have to stay wet for long periods.

Six easy steps of bathing the dog

1. Remove the dog’s collar
Firstly, the dog’s collar has to be removed, always buy a dog collar, which can be removed and then again tied back easily. By removing the dog’s collar, it will be easy for you to clean its neck properly. After this give a small treat to the pet so that it feels good and gets confidence.

2. Comb the pet
The next step is to comb the pet with a comb meant explicitly for dogs. This will remove all tangles and the bathing process will be easy.

3. The tub must be ready
Fill a tub with lukewarm water and gently place the pet in it. It is natural for the pet to shake its legs and body in the water, you must constantly keep talking to it with a soft assuring tone, and it will feel better. Do not forget to place a large cotton ball in its ears; this will prevent any water from going in its ears. The pet must be submerged in water till the bottom of its neck.

4. Lather your furry friend
The next step will be to take some dog shampoo in your hand and rub it all over the pet’s body. Always start with the neck first and then the rest of the body. After the entire body is done, then you can rub some shampoo on the back of its head and behind its ears; you may need someone’s help for doing this.

5. Bath the pet
After the pet is shampooed, next place it inside the tub and it is better to use a hand shower to rinse it. If you do not have a hand shower then get a temporary attachment as washing a doggy with hand shower is convenient and less time taking. You must pour water over its head carefully and make it less time taking.

6. Dry the dog
The next step is to dry the dog properly using a thick towel. Make sure that its fur is completely dry and if required you can use a hair dryer, but use it from a distance. After wiping the dog, use a comb to brush its hair, this will trap any present dog fleas and ticks. The dog grooming session is complete and now do not forget to give treats to the doggy.

Therefore, you see, it is not that difficult to bath the doggy, although you may say that things are better said than done but after one or two sessions, it will actually be easy.

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