Just Had a New Addition to your Family, Please Ensure that you Follow these Puppy Care Tips

Puppy CareFinally, the new adorable member of your family has arrived and everyone is eager to take care of him. Taking care of a puppy is like taking care of a child. Even the puppy requires, as much love and care as a newborn, if you cannot provide these essential things to the puppy then you are not doing any justice to the puppy, so here are some puppy care tips, please read them.

Crucial Puppy Care Rules

Get the right breed

It is a request to all pet lovers to get a puppy whose need you can fulfill and do not buy a puppy just by looking at its cute appearance. Different dog breeds need different energy level and some of them need large spacious place to live. So for the well-being of the puppy and for the entire household get a breed whose need and comfort you can afford.

Make your house puppy proof

  • Hide all breakable things from the house especially from the area where the puppy will be kept.
  • Keep the toilet seat covered and tissue paper at a considerable height/ or keep the bathroom door closed always.
  • Keep all cleaning liquid, detergent, pesticide at an elevated height, also the broom and wiping mob must not be reachable to the puppy.
  • Cover electric cord and plug points, keep low-level windows closed and get a foldable gate in case at times you need to restrict the puppy to a certain area of your house.

Get the necessary puppy care supplies

  • Two metal bowl one for food another for water. The bowl must be large so that when the puppy grows up he is comfortable with the size of the bowls.
  • A pet bed that must be large and comfortable; keep many towels in it to keep the puppy cozy. Keep a blanket handy for cold weather.
  • Some wooden chew-able toys and interactive toys as well.
  • Soft yet crunchy treats for the puppy.
  • A soft nylon harness as any other material will harm its soft throat.

The best food for your pet

If you want to be indulged in complete puppy care then the puppy’s food must have omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Ask the vet more about it so that there must be a perfect balance of essential vitamins, minerals, and protein in its food.

NOTE: DO NOT take the puppy from its mother before 8 weeks; it is not healthy for the puppy.

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    I think the number one thing to do before you bring your puppy home is to puppy proof your home. I actually learned the hard way!

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