Know How To Protect Your Dog From Seasonal Rainy Ailments

Dog Rain CoatSome people may find dog fashion to be very uncommon and therefore if a dog is found to be walking with its master wearing a raincoat, it will surely steal everyone’s attention.

For humans, wearing a raincoat during rainy season is common but for a dog, it may seem unusual. It may astonish pet lovers to know that just like humans even dogs need to be protected from rain and cold.

Raincoat is essential, let’s see why

  • Unlike stray dogs, our pet dogs do not have a strong immune system therefore they are more prone to getting cold and related health issues during the rainy season. A dog will go out for walk and to relieve itself during this damp season so it is essential that when it goes out, it is completely protected from rain. A raincoat is therefore a must and very essential.

More than this there are some dog breeds which do not have much fur on their bodies, so they are more prone to seasonal ailments and therefore it is compulsory that they do wear a rain coat.

  • Dog care is possible only when a dog wears a rain coat as it will protect it from the cold water and also keep its fur dry. Apart from a raincoat, a dog boot is also essential. 
  • Even if it is not raining, still a rain coat will keep the dog protected from the cold wind and drizzle so let the dog walk in silence and therefore a dog must not be taken out for walk without a raincoat.
  • Dogs that have went through a minor or major surgery and it is suggested that when they go out for walk, they must be in a dog rain coat so that rain water does not penetrate the stitch.
  • First rain or rain after a couple of hours is an acid rain as the rain water dissolves pollutants from the atmosphere and thus a dog must never get wet in the first rain. Rain coat will prevent the dog from this acid rain menace.


Dog raincoats come in various fashion and trends; they are also available in different sizes so it is essential that the right type is selected for the right dog. Dog care can be fashionable and the dog will be protected during the monsoon season by making it wear the right raincoat.

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