Monsoon Diet For Pets

Monsoon Diet for PetsMonsoon calls for special dog care from every aspect especially when food is considered. This may sound similar to the precautions that humans take but this health fact is true for our canine friends as well.

During the monsoon season dogs too are exposed to dirt and accompanying germs. They go out for a walk and are exposed to dirty muddy water. More than this when dogs sniff something from the ground especially during the monsoon season then this habit of theirs makes them vulnerable to various seasonal germs and diseases.

Therefore to keep your pet healthy here is some monsoon diet tips as well as few additional tips, read on and find out.

  • Size and eating habits of pets

The eating habit of pets depends on the size of the dog and not on the breed. Smaller breed requires less energy while larger breeds require more energy therefore food quantity must be selected accordingly. During monsoon if the pet is staying indoors for maximum number of times then it is better reduce its diet

  • Balanced diet

Even dogs need a balanced diet during the monsoon season mainly as they are restricted to going out during this time and their exercise level also reduces. The diet should me a mix of carbohydrate, protein, rice, vegetables and fish. The appropriate quantity must be discussed with the vet as per the health, age and size of the dog.

  • Protein in diet

Protein diet is essential during this time as when the activity level goes down due to seasonal restrictions then carbohydrate intake must be reduced. The dog’s diet must be filled with protein, calcium and vitamins so that there are no chances of fat accumulation in the body.

  • Distinctive monsoon diet

During the summer time due to increase in humidity and heat dogs prefer not to eat dry food, they may also reduce their intake of water. It is suggested that dogs be given homemade food which has the required moisture content. Homemade food for dogs is always better irrespective of the season.

These were some diet suggestions for dogs during the monsoon season. Every pet lover must ensure that these things are taken care of appropriately.

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