Must Read Dog Care Tips For Winter

Love You Dog More This SeasonAs we welcome the winter season there are various preparations that we make for being more cozy and comfortable. It’s time to cuddle up and be warm and comfortable. So in this season not forgetting our beloved pets, it is the duty of every responsible pet owner to take care of the pet considering the season.

It is a common myth that dogs do not need any human winter care but one must remember that dogs are social by nature so they are happiest when they are close to the owner and kept with warmth, love and comfort. When dogs stay so close to humans they are adapted to human love and comfort, so ensure that you give the right love and care for your dog, don’t assume that since it is an animal so it will not require any human comfort, after all it’s not a street dog.

Here are some dog care tips for the arrival of the season of shedding leaves and early Sun set that every responsible pet lover must read and follow.

The most essential dog care factor- whether to keep the dog outdoors or not?

Dog Bone HouseIn this season every animal likes to be cozy and comfortable, so be it a cat or a dog keeping it outdoors will prevent it from many outdoor hazards. Sometimes pets to seek comfort and warmth they crawl under the car and this can be very fatal.

If you are keeping the dog outdoors during the noon as well, it must have a comfortable place to stay. Well dog house is the best thing that you can give your pet now but other than this make sure that the dog house , kept outside is comfortable.

To make it comfortable you must put layers of straw inside the house to provide proper insulation against cold. After the Sun sets either bring the dog house in or if you are not doing this, then keep the house in such a manner that it receives sunlight early in the morning so that it becomes warm.

Always buy a good dog house from a reputed online pet store to fulfill the specific need of your dog breed.

Note: The dog house must be big enough for the dog to comfortably stand and turn around. It must be cleaned at least thrice a week.

Your dog needs a coat or at least a sweaterDogs Need Sweaters Too

Some dog breeds have thick fur which protects them from the outdoor weather. For others the chilly weather is not much welcome, so for such dog breeds, it is preferable to make them wear a sweater when they go out. One must always buy a good quality sweater for the pooch so that it is well protected from cold, such pet sweaters are available at an online pet store.

Protect our dog’s feet

Rubber Sole Leather ShoesDuring winter your dog’s feet need to be protected from frostbite, dirt and debris. Especially if the pooch is staying in the hilly snowy region, then it is compulsory to keep its feet protected as it may be subjected to frost bite.

Dog shoes are the best option here will protect your pooch’s feet and at the same time keep them neat and clean.D&C Pet Socks Since it is winter, there is no need for washing the dog’s feet frequently. This is the most crucial aspect of dog care tips for winter, know the basics before buying the right dog shoes. For those who are not aware, it is very essential for dogs to wear shoes and sock, read on and find out how.

The bed must be extra warm

Cozy Dog Bed

Apart from limiting your dog’s outdoor activities, you must not forget to provide it a good comfortable bedding indoors. During the winter season if you keep your bedroom heated, nice and cozy then it is better to keep the dog’s bed in the room to provide it the same warmth and comfort.

Note: Do not keep the dog’s bed very near to fire place or room heater. The pet may unknowingly go near it and consequently get injured be exposed to direct heat. Keep a temporary barrier near the fire place as well as near the room heater.

The dog’s diet in the winter season

During the winters humans including dogs tend to be lazy. Although the dog may need an extra layer of fat to protect it from the cold, do not over feed the pet. Due to lack of exercise and other physical activity, it will tend to become overweight.

Ensure that you buy the highest quality dog food and treats from a reputed online pet store so that there is no compromise in the dog’s health. Dog care tips are incomplete without feeding the right diet to your pooch.

Keep the dog well hydrated

Although it may be winter season but you must always keep the dog well hydrated. At places where it snows like north India, dogs staying over there may eat snow but that does not fulfill their water requirement. So always keep a bowl of fresh water for the dog. Make sure that you change it every day, keep two water bowls one indoor another one outdoors where your dogs stays during day time. For flawless dog care effort from your side, buy the right dog bowl.

Keep dogs away from the snow

It is very essential to keep the dog away from the snow. Always clear snow accumulation near the fence and also from areas surrounding your house. Playing in the snow can be potentially dangerous for your pooch so it is advisable to keep it out of reach of snow. The dog may get a severe frost bite or catch very bad cold.

Also if your house has a slanting roof then it is better to clean snow accumulation over the roof. During the daytime when the Sun is out , snow accumulated over the roof may fall down and harm the pet. If it is difficult for you to clean the snow on the rooftop then it is better to keep your pooch away from playing near such areas.
Keep the pooch safe

It is suggested to always accompany the pooch where ever it is going and do not leave it alone anytime. It may so happen that some small pond or lake may have frozen and is covered with snow. This is difficult to identify these things so it’s better that if it snows in your area, do not to go to to an unfamiliar place or even leave your pet with a retractable leash. Use a regular collar/leash to keep your pooch with you safely.

Avoid toxin exposure to dogs

During winter antifreeze comes out of automobiles and unfortunately it tastes sweet. So during this time deprive your pooch from going in the garage and also from sleeping under cars. Since it tastes sweet the pet is likely to lick it and thus the consequences will be quite fatal.

Never leave the dog unattended in the car

You must never leave the pooch unattended in the car as there are chances that it may be exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning. Be it in any weather, cold or hot it is a very fatal idea to leave the pooch in the car all alone. Always carry the dog with you or leave it safe in the house inside a dog crate. This is a very crucial aspect of winter dog care tips.

Most important dog care tip will be keeping an eye on your dog regarding any abnormal behavior or any unusual sign. If it shows any such sign or symptom or stop eating then immediately take it to the doctor to prevent any possible bad consequences.

This winter the best Christmas gift for your pooch will be to keep it safe, protected, warm and happy. So are you ready for the same?

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