Read These Facts Before Buying A Dog Crate

D&C Dog Carrier 40x26x28 cmIf you are thinking of adopting a puppy or you already have one then you must have a dog crate for sure. Some pet lovers think that it is a torture to keep the dog in the crate but the fact is quite different. At certain occasions, a crate comes in great use and keeps the pet safe.

As long as the pet owner understands the right way of crating the dog and provides the dog with all needed comfort, there is no negativity in keeping the dog in crate. So let’s look at some tips for buying the most desirable crate for your pooch.

  • The crate must allow the dog to freely move in it

The height, width and breath of your dog must be measured before buying a dog crate. The dog must be able to move freely in the crate, lie down stretching itself completely. If the dog is unable to do this then the crate is indeed a cage for it.

So for this, you need to measure the dog while it stands i.e. from floor to head. Then when it is sleeping, or lying down completely stretching itself, measures in it as well. The dimension of the crate must be at least 5 inches more than the dimension of the dog.

  • Crate must be like a den

Dogs are close ancestors of wolves; these wild beauties have a natural preference to stay in den like structure as it gives them a secure feeling. So the crate must also be designed in this manner and this will give a feel good factor to the dog and at the same time will be easy to train it for house breaking. This is because animals do not soil their den and thus it will learn to give an indication when the urge to relieve arises.

  • Crate training takes time and patience

Crate training the dog will take some time and one has to fully cooperate with the puppy till it gets used to the crate. Remember not to force the dog/puppy at any cost. Follow the below mentioned suggestion in keeping your dog in crate.

  • Age and time in crate

8–10 weeks 30–60 minutes

11–14 weeks 1–3 hours

15–16 weeks 3–4 hours

17+ weeks 4–5 hours

It is however suggested to take the consultation of the vet or a dog trainer before you begin crate training the dog.


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