Special Needs Of Pugs For The Season

Pug Care for the Season Pugs are cute small creatures that enjoy rain just like we do. They love to play and explore the wet world around them. As they have a great outdoor time, it is common for them to be exposed to various seasonal ailments. Just like humans even pets need special care as per the need of the season so it is vital that these things are not ignored at any cost.

As per top vet it is suggested that to keep pugs healthy, they must be provided with special care and attention during this wet and humid season. Taking care of a pug is not difficult as long as some essential tips are followed properly.  So let’s look at the special needs of pug for the season.

Tips For Pug Care For The Season

  • Avoid too much shampooing

     During the monsoon season if the pug gets very dirty and the colour of its fur changes as         a result of mud and dirt then it is better to wash it with plain warm water. Too much shampooing will make its skin dry and itchy.

Before 4 months of age, it is better not to use any shampoo on the pug. Rinsing it with warm water is more than enough as its skin is very delicate.

  • Washing followed by drying

    After washing the pug, it is essential that it is dried out properly so that there is no moisture trapped in its fur. It is suggested that one uses a hair dryer and use it keeping it at a distance from the pet. This will provide comfort to the pet as well as dry its fur.

  • Check its fur

     Its fur must be checked every day in order to see if it has developed any underlying skin infection or not. There can also be hairless spot and these things cannot be ignored at any cost. All these things can take a serious turn in the near future; so this aspect of pug care must not be ignore at any cost.

  • Check for any wounds

     One must also check that if the pug has some wounds or not and this must be done by parting its fur and checking it on a routine basis. This is essential to check as in case dirty water gets inside the open wound then it will harm the dog seriously.

  • Appropriate ear checking

     In monsoon due to humidity, the ear does not get enough air and thus the intensity of wax formation and other related problems increase a lot. This can lead to infections and thus ears must be cleaned every week and that too with proper tools for the same. If required help from vet must be taken in order to clean ears. This will reduce the chances of ear infection in dogs and keep it healthy and safe.

  • Clean paws

    Paws must be cleaned every day; paws can be dipped in a mug of water and then cleaned with a towel. It is also suggested that the pug be made to wear boot while taking it out for a walk so that its paws does not get dirty in mud.

These were some basic pug care tips for the season and must be taken care of at all cost.

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