Your Dental Care For Dogs Begin After Reading These Tips

Dentapaste (Toothpaste For Dogs & Cats)How does it feels when your pet approaches you with enthusiasm and love, tries to lick you but you cannot react in the appropriate manner due to its bad breath. Unfortunately here the pet does not understand why you are ignoring it and obviously gets hurt.

It’s natural that dogs suffer from bad breath as they do not brush their teeth everyday like us. Needless to mention here what a pet owner must do in this regard, so here are some basic guidelines that will help the master understand tips for brushing pooch’s teeth.

Cleaning dog’s teeth is not a rocket science, initially it may seem tough but after one or two attempt things will fall in place without much hassle.

Tips for brushing dog’s teeth

Ideally people think that they will schedule the dog’s brushing time but they must not forget that for the process to be smooth, one must wait for the dog to be cool and calm. Settle down the dog on your lap or on the floor. Pamper it with some treat, toys and love.

You May Need Someone’s Help for the Following Process

Then after this show the dog the toothbrush, it will sniff and try to take in inside mouth, allow it to do so. This will make the dog aware of the new thing that you will be using on it. It is nature of dogs to inspect every new thing so allow it to do so.

Slightly lift the dog’s chin and with toothpaste over the toothbrush, try to insert it in the mouth over the gum line.

The next step will be to brush the dog’s teeth in a systematic manner but however there may be some constraint in doing so. If the dog’s mood fluctuates then it may resist brushing midway, then do not force it, take out the brush and insert it again.

First always start with the frontal side of the dog’s teeth and then gradually move towards the back of its teeth. Try to make the process bit fast initially as the dog may not be patience enough to take the process for a long time initially.

Along with teeth, brush the dog’s gum as well and make sure that you touch every corner of the pooch’s teeth and gum as well. This will ensure that proper cleaning takes place.

Always consult the vet regarding proper schedule of brushing the dog’s teeth, ideally it must be once in a week.

Never use human toothpaste on the dog as dogs do not spit but swallow it instead. Human toothpaste can be fatal for the dog as it will surely swallow some.

After brushing use a hand shower to wash the dog’s mouth. You may need to spray in water and slightly bend the dog’s head. The dog will spit out some water and gradually the cleaning process will be complete.

These were the basic tips for dental care for dogs and one must follow these for appropriate dental care for the pooch.

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